The Top 50 Places in London

London is one of the most exciting cities to visit, full of magnificent architecture and steeped in history. The city is vibrant and buzzing with life and you can’t help but get caught up in the wonderful atmosphere of this magnificent place.

It is true to say that there is something for everyone and one thing for sure is you will not get chance to be bored. Many of the city’s attractions are absolutely free and can be visited on foot, so long as you have some comfortable footwear.

Here are 50 of the top places to visit, although I could go on and on. I have not listed them in any specific order as everyone has such different tastes. If there’s anywhere not listed that you are interested in let me know and I’ll see if I can find some more information for you.


Before you start your journey it’s worth knowing about the London transport system. There is an underground train system that interconnects throughout London. It is commonly known as the ‘tube’. It’s probably the quickest way to get around. At first it may seem daunting but with a little help from London Underground’s friendly staff and a tube map you will be on your way in no time.


You may also be familiar with London’s famous red buses. Never run for a bus as there will be another along in a matter of minutes. This is not always the quickest way to travel, but by far the best for viewing the beauty of the city.


Hackney carriages or black cabs – stick out your arm and hail a cab. Just not in rush hour as you will pay dearly. There are plenty of unlicensed cabs, cheaper but personally I wouldn’t take a risk as a Tourist.

The Oyster card – is what all the locals use. If you are staying in London for more than a few days it’s certainly well worth buying one. As I speak (September 2012) they are 5 English pounds to buy, and then you top up as you go. Within 2 to 3 journeys you will have got your money back. You can use them on buses and the tube.

Travel cards – allow you to travel around London for a set price depending on what zones you are visiting.

The London pass – is a pass that allows you to visit many attractions free or for a reduced cost. This includes some travel. It also allows you to skip the queues

A – Z Guide – The A-Z is a street index of London. You can buy one from most news agents. If you are at a tube/train station then nip into WH Smith’s (news agents) and you will most certainly see a copy to buy. They are easy to use and will help you find your way around very easily whilst giving you a sense of where everything is situated.

1. Tower Bridge – over 8 years to build and more than 11,000 tons of steel were used to construct this great bridge. The high walkways allow you to see the River Thames. The bridge opens it bascules once or twice a day. There is also a permanent exhibition with the towers of the bridge.

2. Tower of London – Almost next door to the Tower Bridge, you can get a good view from the bridge down onto the 900 year old fortress built by William the Conqueror. You will see the infamous Beefeater’s dressed in their red uniforms guarding the tower. Every English school child pays a visit to the tower at least once during their school years. Her majesty’s crown jewels are kept here and well worth a look, amongst all the other exciting things to view.

3. St. Pauls Cathedral situated in the Diocese of London attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. It was designed by Architect Christopher Wren and built between 1665 and 1670. It is described as a ‘House of prayer for all people of all nations. It is to protect against injustice and public expression to hope for a better society’ Martin Luther King collected his Nobel Prize here in 1964. Royal weddings and state funerals are also held here.

4. Buckingham Palace – official London residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The palace opens its doors to visitors once a year.

5. Westminster Abbey – if you love history you will not be disappointed when you visit this fascination building. Over 1000 years old it has been the coronation church since 1066 and is the final resting place for 17 monarchs.

6. Big Ben (formal name Elizabeth Tower) – The Londoner’s favourite icon. The huge bell’s chime is loved by the locals. Standing tall on the banks of the river Thames next to the houses of parliament it’s certainly a sight to see.

7. Houses of Parliament – next door to Big Ben you can walk around the Houses of Parliament or take an official guided tour.

8. The Natural History Museum – you can spend hours wondering around this superb museum. The huge dinosaur in the main entrance is a real hit with the kids, as is the enormous T-Rex in the dinosaur exhibition. Admission is free.

9. The Science Museum – this spectacular museum will hold you in awe and capture your imagination. There’s a whole are in the basement of interactive play designed specifically for children. Admission is free (It’s next to the Natural History Museum).

10. The V& A (Victoria and Albert) Museum – described as the world’s greatest museum of Art and Design. It’s definitely worth a look even if you think it may not be your thing. Admission free (next to the above museums).

11. The National Gallery – Houses one of the world’s greatest exhibitions of Western European art. Admission is free.

12. The Tate Britain – Gallery – a wonderful gallery with many fascinating art and photography exhibitions. Admission is free.

13. The Tate Modern – Sister museum to Tate Britain, but located on the South of the river. If you like something a bit more contemporary then this is the place for you. Admission is free.

14. The British Museum – Arts and Artefacts from British history. Admission is free.

15. Madame Tussauds – The famous wax work museum. Loved by tourists.

16. London Planetarium – Just next to to Madame Tussauds is the London Planetarium. Get a real feeling for the night sky. Both are very near to Baker Street (home of Sherlock Holmes) and beautiful Regents Park.

17. Hyde Park – One of London’s most famous parks. Popular with everyone. Visit speaker’s corner and listen to the latest debates or simply wander around these glorious grounds. At the top of busy Oxford Street.

18. Green Park – Another glorious park close to Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly Circus. The famous Ritz hotel is nearby.

19. Greenwich – Cutty Sark, Maritime Museum, Observatory – catch a boat down the Thames to Greenwich Village. You can visit the fascinating Maritime museum, have a tour around the Observatory and view the famous Cutty Sark.

20. The Ritz – Anyone for High Tea? If you fancy some afternoon tea in luxurious surroundings then you can book in for one of the five daily tea sessions. If you have a healthy budget you can stay at the hotel, visit the ballroom or cinema. Close to Piccadilly and Green Park.

21. The Savoy – the famous Savoy hotel with panoramic views of London skyline and the river Thames. If you book far enough in advance you may be able to grab a deal.

22. Camden Market – is one the most popular London markets. Bustling at the weekend with tourists and locals. You will find funky clothes, music, great food, bars, pubs and restaurants. A great atmosphere, right on the canal. It’s a little quieter during the week as there’s no big market but plenty of shops to visit.

23. Portobello Market – the famous market is full of vintage clothes and antiques. If you are looking for something a little unique then take a trip, you won’t be disappointed.

24. Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath – The heath spans across North London and is the perfect place to stretch your legs, have a picnic or visit the historic Kenwood House. There are also natural pools where many of the locals swim. A word of advice – take a map as you can spend hours wondering around if you get lost. It’s big and beautiful.

25. Carl Marx and Highgate Woods – About a 20 minute walk from Hampstead Heath is Highgate Village. Here you will find the famous Highgate cemetery, the final resting place of Carl Marx just one of the many famous people buried here. Highgate itself is a quaint Victorian village with some good pubs and restaurants (The Flask is very old and particularly good).

26. Brick Lane – Once home to the Jewish community it is now housed with Indian restaurants. Actually, most of the curry houses are run by the Bangladeshi community who make up the majority of the local community.

27. The Museum of Childhood (Bethnal Green) – something for the children. Artefacts, costumes, arts and activities, treasure hunts and more. Check out the exhibitions. Children and Adults will love this family day out.

28. The Royal London Hospital – (Whitechapel) has a museum open to the public. It was here that Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man) spent his last few years. Displays include those of Joseph Merrick, Edith Cavell and original material on Jack the Ripper who committed his crimes around this area.

29. Walks around London – one of the best ways to see London is on foot. There’s the ‘Charles Dickens’ walk, Haunted Holborn, Money trail through the city’s square mile and much more.

30. Borough Market – Opposite London Bridge Tube Station. This is one of London’s biggest wholesale food markets. Delicious game and fish supplies as well as Artisan Bakers, Specialist Beers stalls and fresh fruit and vegetables. Open on Friday and Saturday. There is a pub just along the road called ‘The George’ one of the oldest pubs in London – worth a visit.

31. Colombia Road Market – in the East End. If you like flowers then this is the market to visit (Sunday’s only and it usually closes around 3pm). Close by is the famous Spitalfields market.

32. Shoreditch – Trendy Shoreditch with its warehouse conversions, art galleries and very cool bars is also worth a visit.

33. Soho – once home to the ‘ladies of the night’ it now a bustling cafe community. A popular place to drop into for a drink or bite to eat before you visit theatre land.

34. Covent Garden – one of London’s most popular tourist spots. Street theatre acts, arts and crafts as well as a huge choice of cafe’s bars and restaurants.

35. Oxford Street – home to all the big stores including the famous department store Selfridges. From Oxford Street you can easily access most central locations on foot.

36. The Globe Theatre – is associated with William Shakespeare. Originally built in 1599, later destroyed by fire 1613. The theatre that stands here now is approximately 750 feet from the original site. This newest site was opened in 1997 and is a popular theatre with all ages.

37. River Cruise – take a river cruise along the River Thames. You will get to see some of London’s great architecture and learn about its history.

38. Canary Wharf/London Docklands – is one of London’s tallest buildings situated in a busy financial district, alive with shops, cafés and accessible on the DLR (Docklands Light Rail).

39. Kensington Palace – in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Home to the late Princess Diana. Visit the beautiful gardens, have lunch or afternoon tea. Close to Central London.

40. The Kings Road, Chelsea – One of the posh ends of town. The Kings Road used to be home to punks, mods and rockers. Now a bit more sophisticated. There are some beautiful shops, including the famous designer Vivienne Westwood. It’s also close to Chelsea Pier, as well as Chelsea and Fulham football clubs.

41. South Bank – Cross the bridge at embankment to the South side of the river and as your descend the stairs you will be at the doorstep of The Festival Hall. This is just one of the many attractions situated along the south bank. It’s a great area of riverside with views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. You will find shops, café’s, bars, fabulous entertainment/exhibitions at the festival hall and access to the Oxo tower.

42. London Zoo – close to Camden and Regent’s Park is London Zoo. You can see some spectacular animal’s right in the middle of the city, although you wouldn’t believe it.

43. Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus/Shaftesbury Avenue/Theatre Land – In the heart of London you can easily walk between these bustling areas of London. Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus are full of shops, cinema’s pubs and café’s. Running alongside Leicester square is Shaftesbury Avenue where many of the popular theatres are situated.

44. China Town – official name is Gerrard Street. A stone’s throw from Leicester Square to the south and Shaftsbury Avenue to the North. Even if Chinese food is not your favourite, it’s worth a stroll through the vibrant streets of Chinatown.

45. Trafalgar Square – a popular tourist attraction in the heart of the city. Home to the National Gallery, Nelson’s column and St. Martin’s-in-the-field, plus quite a few pigeons.

46. The Royal Academy of Arts – Green Park. The academy is an independent institution founded by George III in 1768. The original members wanted to provide a venue for British Arts and Architecture to be displayed to the public in which their skills could be passed onto future generations.

47. Hamley’s Toy Store – one of the finest toy stores in the world. You will find it on Regent Street. Don’t expect to ‘pop in’. There are 4 or 5 floors packed with every toy and game you could imagine. I’ve never managed to get in and out in less than an hour.

48. Hampton Court Palace – Former home to King Henry VIII. This Tudor building houses tapestries, artwork and activities for guests. There is the famous Hampton maze if you have a few hours to spare.

49. Harrods Department Store – Situated in Knightsbridge in the Royal Borough of Kensington. This upmarket store is worth a visit just to see the building. You will find luxury items of every description and the most amazing food hall.

50. Kew Gardens – The Royal Botanical gardens of Kew. Situated just 10 miles outside of London can be reached easily on the tube.

Wedding Venues – What Does Surrey Have to Offer?

Surrey is the perfect place for a beautiful, modern and romantic wedding. It can provide everything from the small exclusive, intimate venue up to the big stylish weddings which are much larger and grander.

Surrey hotels and country houses are all well connected with major rail and road routes into London and the South East of England. Heathrow and Gatwick airports are very close and major roads such as the A3, M3 and the M25 get your guests to the venue quickly and efficiently. Rail travellers are equally well supported due to the large number of commuters living in Surrey but working in Central London. Trains travel regularly into London Bridge and Waterloo stations.

The general quality of service in all of the wedding venues in Surrey is extremely high, with excellent cuisine, exemplary service and amazing attention to even the smallest detail. Brides (and grooms) will be spoilt for choice and their wedding guests will be impressed.

In order to see everything that Surrey has to offer you will need to visit the venue and talk to the staff, but review your budget first as there is a wide price variation between the different options. Be clear on the number of guests that will be attending and the style of catering that you will require. The clearer you can be in your list of requirements the easier it will be to make your choice.

Photography is important to every bride and Surrey provides some stunning locations for the perfect wedding photograph. Make sure that your wedding photographer is familiar with the venue that you choose so that they are able to get the most out of the location.

Spas are becoming increasingly common at the larger wedding venues in Surrey and are very popular with the brides as a place to relax in the hectic build up to the wedding, remember to ask about spa facilities when making your booking.

Secret Places in London

A secret place in London doesn’t mean it is not to be seen, it just means that it is located in a hidden part of London waiting to be uncovered. Here are few secret places in London:

Fitzroy House:

The Fitzroy House is located in Fitzroy Street, London and this 1791 building is now a museum that exhibits works and life of L.Ron Hubbard. He is not only a famous scientologist, but also an author and a person who is passionate about photography and many other activities. The first floor of Fitzroy House exhibits the early life of this ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ title holder. You can find rare collections of books and original manuscripts in Fitzroy House and the second floor holds an invaluable collection of literary works by L.Ron Hubbard.

Eltham palace:

The Eltham House is located in Eltham, South East London and this royal residence was renewed in 1999 and opened to the public. This modern art building can also be hired for weddings and other festivals by the public. Eltham palace holds a great hall which has the third largest hammerbeam roof in England. Many movies and commercials have been shot in the Eltham Palace.

Parkland Walk:

The Parkland Walk is a 4.5 mile green walkway and it is a site for nature conservation. You will find many different trees like oak, apple, cherry, yew and lots more different varieties while a few additional species like Maple, Black Italian Poplar and White Poplar can also be noticed. Parkland Walk houses twenty two species of butterfly, more than sixty varieties of birds and a large number of bats. A green man sculpture before former Crouch End station was a tribute to a goat man who haunted Parkland Walk in 1980’s.

St.Mary’s Secret Garden:

St.Mary’s Secret Garden in hackney, holds a natural woodland, horticultural area, sensory garden and a herbaceous border. This beautiful green garden provides horticultural education, therapeutic sessions, and they conduct events in the garden and sell plants between Monday to Friday. St.Mary’s Secret Garden is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday for visitors.

Hunterian Museum:

The Hunterian Museum located in the Royal College of Surgeons of England holds collections of medical instruments, specimens and other medical related objects. You will come across many events, family events and lectures in this museum. You can learn more about the olden days’ surgery methods and other medical facts in the Hunterian Museum.

Sussex Wedding Photographers

In this article, I’m going to talk about Sussex wedding photographers, and how you can choose the right one for you.

Sussex (both East and West Sussex) is located in a really great location to get lots of wedding photographers. With a population of over one and a half million, it’s not surprising that there are nearly five hundred Sussex wedding photographers.

When you consider how close Kent, Surrey and London are, and how willing many photographers are to travel to cover a wedding, it will not be surprising to you that there are in the region of two thousand different photographers competing for your business.

But with all this choice, it can get rather overwhelming to make a decision that you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

Many of us are tempted to let the price do the choosing for us – pick a photographer who is willing to work for less than the average price. Unfortunately, if you make a decision on this basis, your most likely to end up with some awful wedding photos that you will bury away and never look at.

On the other hand, it’s not safe to just choose an expensive photographer and hope they are going to do it right. There’s a better chance that they will, but just charging a lot of money does not make you a professional.

The best way to know if a Sussex wedding photographer is a real professional is to ask them if they are a member of a professional wedding photographers’ organisation. These groups are set up for professional photographers, Like “The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.” This group is only for real pros – they require that there members are qualified and experienced, and maintain standards of professionalism.

Once you know you are dealing with a real professional Sussex wedding photographer, you should ask to see some of their work. There are lots of different styles of photography, from very traditional portrait photography to more contemporary looks. With this in mind, you should choose to work with someone who matches your own taste and personality.

While this guide will save you some time shopping around, there’s nothing like a good recommendation to help you find the right wedding photographer for you.

Wedding Photography

I have always liked photography and so when a friend asked me if I would photograph their wedding I jumped at the opportunity. That was two years ago and I have since photographed many more weddings. Wedding photography is probably one of the hardest and most pressurized work you can do in the photography world. Having the responsibility of making the bride and groom look special and delivering the images you promised is hard but if you are properly prepared and stay level headed you can do it.

At first I decided that I needed some more tuition so I attended a couple of courses to improve my work. The first was not teribly useful so I enrolled at college and did a city and guilds photography course. It was hard work and broken up into three modules, Basic, Black and White and Colour photography. I gained a Distinction and Two Merrits at the end of this which has given me a great start.

I love it and have since started to advertise to do more have a look at my website to see some of my images.

Based in Hertfordshire, Allan is a Wedding Photographer who cover’s London and the South East of England and offers a combination of traditional and reportage style photography. You will receive a truly personal and professional service from Allan, quite unmatchable in quality and value.

Tips For Outdoor Wedding Photography – How to Get the Best Pictures Possible

Outdoor wedding photography creates an eloquent story of your special day. The beautiful scenes, the sunlight, and the fresh air really sets the scene for romance. Unfortunately, light, clouds, wind, and even the elements are never the same from moment to moment. Since the natural elements are quite different from the indoors, there are several things you will need to consider in order to help even the best wedding photographers to get good pictures.

Choose A Good Background

Like with indoor wedding photography, there are things you want to include in a background because they add to the picture and things that are best left out. Standing on the edge of a hill with the mountains in the backdrop, for instance, would make stunning pictures. Having a car in the background is not what you want to see. If it does happen, it isn’t the end of the world. For wedding photographers, this might mean they will shoot from a different angle or use a different lens and focus setting to blur out the background.

Small settings work just as well for wedding photography as large backdrops. A small background needs texture in the background to help set up the scene for you. This could include things like a fountain, architecture, shrubs, and even walkways. Many couples actually prefer the smaller settings for the intimate feelings wedding photographers can create with them.

Natural Lighting

Strong natural sunlight can make it very difficult to take good pictures. It creates very distinct shadows on the photographs and very bright areas. While it does create dramatic photographs, it isn’t always the best. In this instance, the shade or even a cloudy day creates a nice soft lighting for photographs. About an hour before sunset and sunrise are the times when the lighting is the best, mostly because the light takes on a golden color that adds a nice touch to most locations.

Consider Black And White

Because of the rich textures usually found in outdoor wedding photography, having the photograph make some or all of the portraits black and white can be a nice touch. The added texture from foliage and architecture is highlighted just enough to keep the pictures interesting. As an added benefit, eliminating the color from a photograph also works well with pictures taken in the strong light.

Worse Case Scenarios

Having wedding portraits taken outdoors means you and the wedding photographers will be dealing with nature. Swarms of little flies or dust make small little marks in the pictures. If it is extremely windy, very hot, or cold, it will show up in the faces of the subjects as well. Things such as snow and rain show up as marks in the photographs. If you are having the pictures taken inside of a large gazebo or covered structure, the snow or rain in the background can actually make a nice background for your portraits. However, it is always a good idea to have an alternative plan in place in order to prepare for the unexpected.

3 Tips For Prospecting

This article is for all tennis coaches who want to start their own 6 figure private coaching business today.

Because no experience coach, should be working for anybody but themselves.

Today, we are going to get into prospecting, and why you should be focusing on doing it everyday of the week, until you fill up your sales pipeline with many prospects.

I would be reading as many books as I can on the subject of prospecting and try to master the art of doing it daily, because for your coaching business to be successful and reach 6 figures, you will have to figure out the following 3 Rs of prospecting.

Which are:

Targeting the Right People, with the Right Offer and doing it at the Right Time.

Because even if you have the right prospects, but have the wrong offer, your results will be bad and your conversion rate will be low!

Same with the right offer, to the wrong prospect.

And last.

“Timing is everything.”

You want to get in front of the right prospects, with the right offer and at the right time.

Get that right and your coaching business will triple in months!

No size will fit all of you guys with this, so get creative in how you approach your marketing campaign, plan of attack and the strategies that you use.

I would always sit down at the end of the month and go over your results.

And make sure you use Powerful Headlines and that your USP and valued proposition is in it and stated clearly to your market!

In other words.

Lead with your message.

I don’t want to confuse you guys too much in this post, so let’s stop there for today.

But remember.

Focus on using all those 3 Rs in every campaign that you create and keep adjusting your tactics.

Through constant adjustments, you will eventually find something that works for you and your business.

You need to look at yourself as the coach, a marketer and consulting all wrap up in one person.

This is why you need to be learning something new everyday too.

“Invest your time in only sales activities that are going to get you results, don’t just spend it doing anything.”

Okay, you guys copy this article and read it at the start of every month, to keep you focused on the big picture.

And we will talk again soon.

Be A Sales Expert – This Article Will Help You Improve Your Sales Skills

The sales process is more or less the same whether you sell a product or service on or offline. When I first started in the sales industry a long time ago, I found it hard to sell. It was hard because the more I didn’t get a sale, the more “aggressive” I became; I was too hungry for a sale.

Eventually I learned to break the cycle. I was told that my techniques would only frighten away customers. The best sales advice I was taught was to relax. When a salesperson is relaxed, customers “feed off you” through your body language thus having the same effect on the customer.

My aim is to provide you with plenty of sales tips that I learned. I hope to encourage you by providing you new sales material to better your sales techniques?

The Sales Process, There’s Something Missing!

Every sales job has a sales process, it goes like this.

Step 1 – Product Knowledge
Step 2 – Prospecting
Step 3 – The Approach
Step 4 – The Assessment of Needs
Step 5 – The Presentation
Step 6 – Closing the Sale
Step 7 – The Follow Up

I would say that there is another step before step 2. The most important bit of any business is – product belief. In order to successfully get to the close is believing in what you are selling. Believing in the product is the most important aspect of business survival. It also brings job satisfaction which trickles down to your customer.


Do you use all of the steps above?
Do you know that many businesses lose out because they forget step 7 – the follow up?

The follow up procedure is the best thing you can do to get repeat customers and it’s a fact that it alone can potentially double your sales! There are so many businesses that concentrate on attracting new business rather than focusing on the customers they already have. Give them attention before they go elsewhere. You can keep customer loyalty by sending them offers, phone calls, cards and gifts.

Improve Your Sales Skills

To be a sales expert, learning doesn’t stop when you finish work. To become a master at anything takes 10,000 hours of you time. Let’s say that at 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can be a sales expert in 3 years! Of course, no one works 7 days a week so my point is, don’t give up.

Life is full of learning curves and hurdles. Another thing to be aware of is how you carry yourself. It is fact that 70% of your communication is through your body language then it’s probably good advise not to bring your problems into your sales.

Refining Your Sales Questions

Selling techniques takes time to perfect. I have written a number of sales quotes for you from opening the sale, facts about selling and closing the sale. So, if you are wondering how to increase sales, write the following quotes down as they might come in handy!

It is not what you say but how you say it. This is about emphasis on words you use. Words can be expressed and altered approximately 7 times through tone and meaning. Words are powerful so watch how you use them.

Get the “but” out of your mouth Don’t follow a sentence with but. It makes people think negatively

Body language says 70% of what you are trying to communicate That’s fact.

If I could, would you? If you could provide (benefit) would you (buy?)

Decisions are almost always emotionally based. Factors such as needs v wants if the product or service has value.

Paint pictures – lots of them! Can you imagine it? Can you see yourself doing it?

Third party stories / Testimonials. This helps build trust. People listen more when there is a story attached.

Add more in value than what they are paying for in cost. Give them a reason to say “wow”.

If you can’t handle rejection, then get out of sales. (Nothing personal) If you take rejection easily, this industry going to be hard for you. I worked in an industry whereby I was getting “no’s” 99 times out of 100 pitches.

Objections – are they real or just an excuse?

Receive questions with “open arms”. All questions are valid, even if you have to repeat yourself!

Never show offense to the prospects line of questioning. Your aim is to build trust and create a positive atmosphere.

Learn to use more open questions – Who, what, when, where, how.

Become a master of objection handling – Layer excuses with “why”.

Make your product sound special, exclusive and limited, it’s not for everyone. – The take away sale.

How To Increase Sales

I hope that the questions and ideas above can help maximise your chance of getting a sale, but there is another method of objection handling.

Get a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half, length ways. On one side write down “objections” and on the other side write “comebacks” or, why they should buy your product/service. Your aim is to write down three comebacks to every one objection. This should enable you to think “outside the box” when you are face to face with a customer.

Objection handling is the most important skill to learn, apply this sales skill below which cuts through the “no’s” like butter. good enough reason why they should buy from you.

For more sales tips and online marketing advice, please visit my website.

One Fast Way To Train Great Work Ethic To Millennials (Hospitality / F & B Industry)

Because we grew up with at least one parent who worked tirelessly on the land or loyally for one company from early in the morning until late at night for years, that is our experience of hard work and a great work ethic. “Nose to the grind-stone” and “up-hill both ways in the snow” are phrases that we regularly heard and had a crisp mental image of. Mothers who shaped our reality and values would regularly remind us of how hard our fathers worked for us each and every day, how hard he worked for each of our toys and for every meal on the table every night.

Well, fast forward twenty years and twenty million divorces later and no one is home developing their children’s respect for authority or at home putting the fear of god into the ones who don’t take care of their belongings. No one ever hears, “Wait until your father gets home!” because let’s face it no one is home. Most of America is now a two household or two income family trying to make ends meet, in competition with the Jones’s or their ex to try to make time with them more pleasant for their children than their time with their ex.

Add to that the millennial’s exposure to job insecurity, massive social media over-night successes and you have yourself a recipe for a bad hire every time you need to fill your less than glamorous position. Because any which way you slice it, millennials are not being raised to think like we think so here is how to outsmart them:

If millennials are raised only to think about themselves then why not train from the, “What’s in it for me?” point of view. What is in it for them if they… come to work dressed and ready, what is in it for them if they “get off script” and actually engage with customers. What’s in it for them when they discover why a customer chose to come to your restaurant today. How they benefit personally when they can ask customers if they had ever been to the restaurant before, what their favorite dish or table is and how these conversations benefit them personally, NOT the restaurant. When millennials hear that they could be building a huge list of fans now for use later, that is a language they understand. When they hear that fans are “psychologically willing to wait longer and complain less” this is a concept any waiter of any age will appreciate. If you keep more of your training / coaching emphasis on your employee’s personal benefits and less on the prospect of more money, you will win the trust, respect and hard work of even the youngest and “greenest” of your employees. When they believe that you have “their back” in the big picture and not just that of the business you will start to see great employee work ethic and less employee turnover.

Every employee knows that when you say more sales get instagram private profiles = bigger tips your goal is more profits for the business and they may night be 100% on-board with using their sweat equity for your gain but tell them that the customers are coming one way or the other it doesn’t matter to you either way and that you have ways to turn each customer into their own personal fan who will gladly wait longer for food, leave great tips and glowing reviews, bring Christmas cards filled with cash, give them more time, energy and community than they could ever imagine… these are the things millennials are inspired by and will happily work for. Otherwise you are “working up-hill both ways in the snow” trying to train something that is actually imperceptible to an entire generation of employees that you actually need.

Be amazing! I teach your staff to create amazing customer experiences and an infinite amount of repeat customers and sales in just 4 hours + make you a hero in their eyes while I do it!

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How to get Fame Fast on MovieStarPlanet?

Moviestarplanet hack is just one of the most hunted cheat generators on the internet, what exactly is Movie Star Planet and why do people find the need to cheat? Movie Star Planet, and known as MSP, is one of the most addictive and fun social game. This sport can be regarded as an RPG game in which the player has the opportunity to turn into celebrity or a favorite actress generally. Kids and adults are to Movie Star Earth since not only does it allow them to live their dream up existence at the sport, it works as a social media platform. This complimentary to play sport gives you the opportunity to interact, and also personalize their characters to suit their liking; Movie Star Planet consists of different contests that permits the consumers to take part in order to acquire rewards as well as interact with your contacts along with other gamers — the larger the amount of colleagues are from the sport, the larger the rewards you might collect. The advantages of having a big network is not only limited to the amount of characters you might produce and the available add ons, but in addition rewards. Movie Star Planet could possibly be a liberated to play with sport, but to get faster and to allow you to have the ability to afford all of the things you want with zero limitations, you need just a little boost. Playing the game with a strategy is a great start, however you will still discover a whole lot of limitations — that is Msp Hack, and the reason Movie Star Planet avid gamers are trying to have the functioning. Regarding MoviestarPlanet Hack

Players may buy the Movie Star World’s VIP account, beginning at about $50 to get a year subscription, so that this VIP account provides the gamers with as much as 50,000 star StarCoins and 350 pieces of diamonds that they can use to get a lot of necessities, such as: quilts, animations, backdrops and every little thing that they can use for the movie that moviestarplanet hack they star at. Something you cannot readily do with merely playing with the game and also cooperating with your contacts, or by producing a worthy contribution in various contests. But what if you don’t have $50 to spare for the subscription? Or maybe you have but you don’t want to invest that money for a game? Whatever your reason is, it still doesn’t matter why would you spend that sum of money whenever there are lots of Moviestarplanet hack available out there? All you have to do is find one that’s reliable and you are all set!

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